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Personal Tax and Accounting

Maximum Refund.  Minimal Fees. Personal Attention.  Heemer, Klein & Company PLLC makes it easy to get the tax refund you deserve.

Personal Services

Personal Tax and Accounting

Employee Benefits, Pension,
Maximum Refund.  Minimal Fees. Personal Attention.  Heemer, Klein & Company PLLC makes it easy to get the tax refund you deserve.

Estate Planning Services

To avoid complications and to ensure that your wishes are followed, having a carefully arranged plan to disburse your assets is essential.

Estate Planning Questions

Our talented staff at Heemer Klein has the expertise to answer your estate planning questions at a professional level.

Estate Planning Requirements

Let our experts help you with the federal and state requirements that need to be done when a loved one passes.

Tax Preparation Services

No one gets excited about paying taxes, but Heemer Klein has built a trustworthy reputation through accurate and timely tax preparation. We’ll give you the confidence to be ready for when tax season comes around.

While there can be some value in taking care of things on your own to save some money, DIY tax preparation can carry a big risk. Whether you’re doing taxes by hand or using generic tax prep software, you are exposing yourself to possible mistakes and missed opportunities that can be expensive.

Heemer Klein has prepared over 75,000 individual tax returns since its inception. With locations in several Macomb County cities and a satellite location in Oakland County, expert tax prep help is never far away. Heemer Klein also offers the convenience of online tax preparation services through email or our dedicated tax preparation portal.

Give yourself peace of mind knowing that Heemer Klein’s tax experts are handling your preparation efficiently and accurately

Late Filer?

Important Information for Individuals Filing Back Tax Returns

If you’ve fallen behind on your taxes in recent years, our tax experts at Heemer Klein can help straighten things out. If you’re planning to file your taxes on your own, consider these be prepared to face the consequences with the IRS and the State of Michigan.

The bottom line is, going alone is risky and may or may not work out in your favor. If you go with Heemer Klein, our experts will help you take care of your overdue taxes while saving you money.

Late Tax Filing FAQs

Be prepared to face a failure-to-file penalty if you don’t meet the tax filing deadline. Reduce interest charges and penalties by filing on time.

Yes, late filing penalties and late payment penalties can accrue simultaneously. Filers should submit an extension, or a late penalty will certainly ensue. 

The penalty for filing Federal and Michigan taxes late accrues monthly at a rate of 5% of the unpaid taxes for every month (or part of the month) the tax is late -- up to 25%.  Federal penalties can be reduced as much as 90% with a timely filed extension.

Penalties may be waived if you are able to show reasonable cause for not filing your taxes or paying late. However, proving reasonable cause can be quite difficult.

If your tax returns are overdue, our best advice is to pay them as soon as possible. Late payers will save on interest and late payment fees the sooner they square up with the government.

Filers must claim tax refunds within three years of the return due date.  If you find out you have a refund, it will be lost after the three-year period.  Heemer Klein will help you file your taxes as quickly as possible to potentially prevent you from losing that refund.

Customized Solutions For You

Accounting and Tax Services

Our talented staff is always on the lookout to protect your assets from unnecessary risks. Our goal is for our clients to ethically minimize their tax liability.  With a tax professional on your side, accomplishing these goals is simple. Generic software programs, while convenient, are risky since they work in a one-size-fits-all way.  The tax professionals at Heemer Klein offer the following advice to tax filers: Don’t risk it.  Consider the money you can save with the expertise of a knowledgeable accountant.