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Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting


The Corporate Transparency Act was passed in 2021 requiring new beneficial ownership information reporting for most business entities/companies through FinCEN – Financial Crimes Enforcement Network as part of the U.S. government’s efforts to address financial crimes.

Reporting begins January 1, 2024, as follows:

  • Entities formed prior to 1/1/2024 must complete the report by 12/31/2024.
  • Entities formed on or after 1/1/2024, and before 1/1/2025 must complete the report within 90 days of entity formation.
  • Entities formed on or after 1/1/2025 must complete the report within 30 days of the entity formation.

To Get Started:

Click – www.fincen.gov/boi.

Click -“File a report using the BO1 E-filing System” found under “File” in the center of the page. Click – “Get Started” for BO1 E-filing found on the right side of the page.

Click – “Prepare & Submit BOIR” found at the bottom of the page under “File Online BOIR”. Click – “I Agree”.

****Please note that fields with an * are required.

Filing Information

1. Choose “a. Initial report”. Click “Next”.

2. n/a – date is auto filled.

Part I – Reporting Company

3. Click “Request to receive FinCEN ID”.

4. n/a

5. Enter the reporting company legal name.

6. Enter the DBA or Trade name if applicable.

7. Enter the Tax ID type (EIN, SSN, ITIN).

8. Enter the ID number with no dashes.

9. n/a

10. a. Enter the country of formation. b. Enter state of formation. c. n/a d. n/a

11-15. Fill in the company’s current U.S. address. Click “Next”.

Part II – Company Applicant(s)

16. Check the box “Existing reporting company”. (Only check box if company was created before 1-1-24. Reporting companies that check this box are not required to report any company applicants. Proceed to Part 111.).

Click “Yes”. All other Part II fields will be disabled. Click “Next”.

***Please note – do not check the box if your reporting company was created/registered on or after 1-1-2024 and complete the Company Applicant Information fields 18 – 33.

Part Ill – Beneficial Owner Information

35. n/a

36. n/a

37. n/a

38-42. Enter owner’s information.

43-47. Enter the owner’s residential address.

48-51. Enter the form of identification information. You must upload a copy of the identification.

***Please note – additional owners can be added by clicking “Add Beneficial Owner” at the top of the Part II page. There is no limit to the number of owners that may be reported.

Click – “Next”.

Final Page for Submission

  • Enter email and confirm email.
  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Click “I Agree”. ***Note: you will be notified of any missing required fields. Click “Close”, go back to complete those fields, then click “Next” until you reach the final page for submission.
  • Click “I am human” and follow the prompts until the box is checked.
  • Click “Submit BOIR”.
  • Click “Download Transcript”. Important: Print and/or download transcript. Keep with other business documents such as your Federal EIN letter, Articles of Organization, etc.

For more information and detailed instructions click: BOI E-FILING (fincen.gov)