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Are You Planning to Use Your Tax Refund to Cover Holiday Expenses?

Often, Michigan consumers charge more than they normally would cover holiday expenses – gifts, entertainment, and even costs associated with travel. These consumers make regular payments on the cards until they receive their tax refunds. Then, they pay off all (or most) of the charges. And, if this is your typical strategy, now is the time to start prepping to get the biggest and best tax refund possible. Remember that the new tax laws effective for 2018 may have a big impact on your next refund, and our CPA at Heemer-Klein can help determine how your refund will be impacted. So, start working with an accountant from Heemer-Klein before holiday spending begins. Connect with our CPA in Sterling Heights, CPA in Richmond, or our CPA in Warren MI.

The Best Accounting Services Know that Every Season is Tax Season

For the most successful tax returns, Michigan residents should plan well in advance – especially if they own a business, do contract work, or itemize their deductions. First and foremost, you should hire a reputable CPA from an accomplished accounting service.  At Heemer, Klein & Company, PLLCwe have years of experience with tax preparation, both for individuals and businesses of all sizes. We also have a long history of satisfied clients who have enjoyed hassle-free tax prep and optimal refunds.

Yes, you can do your own taxes with DIY software, but studies have shown that these programs are not foolproof. Often, one little slip may cost you money that you could use to cover those holiday expenses, complete home improvement projects, or put into savings or college funds for your kids. Or, even worse, that seemingly minor error might cause big problems with the IRS down the road.

Let our professional CPA at Heemer, Klein & Company, PLLC give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your taxes are done correctly and accurately and that you are getting the refund that you deserve. We also take every precaution to keep your information safe, so when you trust Heemer-Klein & Company, PC, you don’t have to worry about identity thieves stealing your information and, ultimately, your tax refund.

Contact Heemer-Klein for Tax Prep Warren, Tax Prep Sterling Heights, or Tax Prep Richmond

Again, it is never too soon to start thinking about your tax return. Give Heemer-Klein a call at (586) 751-6060 (Warren), (586) 727-5145 (Richmond), or (586) 751-1040 (Sterling Heights). You can also reach out to us through the contact form on our website.